Comic 18 - Rock On!

6th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM
Rock On!
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JammyTheBirb 6th Apr 2016, 3:29 PM edit delete reply
hese wolves seem like they always have such an awesome time. ... I wanna join them! XD
PeterVonBrown 6th Apr 2016, 3:48 PM edit delete reply
You'd most certainly be welcome to I have no doubt! [And yeah, I'd join them, too.] :)

{I love your new pic btw!}
[Note: Jammy's pic has since changed, it used to be a werewolf, then a different picture of a werewolf to which I referred.]
wildwolf42 8th Apr 2016, 1:09 PM edit delete reply
I think anyone would join them
wildwolf42 8th Apr 2016, 1:09 PM edit delete reply
what is even going n anymore? what is the order that you are supposed to read this in? what even anything on this page... so much chaos... I LOVE IT!
PeterVonBrown 8th Apr 2016, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
So glad you've been enjoying the comic, wildwolf42, and also that you want to join the fun! Many would, yes, but folks who are scared of werewolves would stay away! ;) And yes, this page doesn't have a particular order, it just depicts the rockin' good time of a concert while Gavin and George return with the food. ''Regular reading'' returns on the next page.