Comic 219 - Shack, Please!

11th Feb 2020, 11:00 PM
Shack, Please!
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LegendaryLycanthrope 12th Feb 2020, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
okay, since every named thing in wolverton has something to do with werewolf lore or media...what is waldemar a reference too, because that's not one i recognize
PeterVonBrown 12th Feb 2020, 6:46 AM edit delete reply
Count Waldemar Daninsky (the werewolf) features in a series of Spanish films.
LegendaryLycanthrope 12th Feb 2020, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
well, that would explain why i've never heard of it...all my research was on english stuff
Indagare 13th Feb 2020, 4:53 AM edit delete reply
Since every job in Wolverton is on a rotational basis, exactly how does the office of mayor operate?
PeterVonBrown 13th Feb 2020, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
The Burgermeister is the only job that does not rotate. A 'wolf gets voted in, and remains Burgermesiter until such time that the rest of the 'wolves think he or she does not do the duty well enough, and is then voted out if need be. Basil has been the Burgermeister for a very long time, though. And again, he also owns Basil Burger, but will be assigned other jobs as well.
LegendaryLycanthrope 13th Feb 2020, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
so he has to do other jobs in ADDITION to being burgomeister? governmental jobs tend to be pretty...demanding - when they actually get done instead of people in those positions treating it like a well-paid vacation

having to do other things on top of that sounds...very taxing
Indagare 13th Feb 2020, 7:28 AM edit delete reply
Okay, though I agree with Legendary Lycanthrope that assigning him other jobs beyond both his burgermeister duties and running his shop sounds terribly taxing. Certainly he could (and probably would) volunteer for such jobs when someone was needed but it seems vastly unreasonable to expect him to both run the town and do every job in town plus the job he already has at his shop.

There are certain jobs that, when done well, demand a lot of time and I can't see any of the 'wolves wanting to see someone run ragged just because it's usual for everyone to do rotational jobs. Shop owners, particularly, should be allowed to have exceptions when it comes to the rotational schedule. Even if everyone in town is willing to help with the stocking, ordering, and inventory of such a store the records would likely end up being complete chaos without someone managing it more or less all the time.

I would also question how this applies to emergency responders and hospitals. Certainly there must be 'wolf doctors and nurses but medical training takes a long while and much dedication to learn. I just can't see how someone could be a rotational doctor or nurse unless they get fully trained as one. And while it's not atypical for police, fire, and paramedics to be always "on call" would the average 'wolf know how to use all the equipment properly? Is there law enforcement in Wolverton? How does it work? Are there judges? Do they do rotational duties too? Lawyers? Is crime and punishment (or reform) handled differently than in human towns? Will Talbot eventually be required to learn how to drive so he can help out?

Also to whom would this sort of thing be put to a vote, exactly?
LegendaryLycanthrope 13th Feb 2020, 10:21 AM edit delete reply
well, talbot can apparently already drive - at least as far as scooters are concerned, and i don't think wolverton has full-on land vehicles - the streets don't look wide enough for them, at least around the hamlets
Indagare 13th Feb 2020, 10:38 AM edit delete reply
True, I just remembered that in 78 he said he doesn't drive and wasn't sure if he'd have to learn when the time came to help with that..
PeterVonBrown 13th Feb 2020, 11:32 AM edit delete reply
The Burgermeister job does take up a lot of his time, yes. But then, his office hours are not always the same. This is why when Floyd calls Charlie to see if he can take Talbot to see Basil, Floyd says "No I don't know his hours today. Check the PAW." He does not hold office hours every day, either. The other jobs (besides working/managing Basil Burger) would certainly be far less than the amount of work or time scheduled to other 'wolves. So you'd not likely find him working a hamlet's general store, for instance. But there are jobs around town that nowolf would necessarily want to do such as cleaning public restrooms and gathering trash. However, it wouldn't be fair if any 'wolf were exempt from doing such tasks, so Basil must do these from time to time as well. It gets balanced/scheduled out so that he's not overtaxed emotionally or physically and still able to handle all that he has to do. But everywolf understands that his mayoral and shop owner duties take precedence.

Yes, it does help to have someone overseeing the records of a particular place. Which is why some establishments do have shop owners. As mentioned (and with Basil) their time allotted for their rotational occupation gets skewed in favor of managing the shop. Again, it's understood among 'wolves that this needs to be the case, but they are content knowing that everywolf still helps out everywhere. For hamlet general stores and such, 'wolves just need to be meticulous and cooperative to ensure things run smoothly. And even if they don't entirely, it's not like the system will fall apart. Nowolf is trying to make money or keep alfoat or beat competitors (there are none), they're just there to provide as they can.

No, hospitals and doctors or nurses do not exist in Wolverton. Since werewolves heal quickly, any physical damage can be "undone" via shiftings/transformations. For this same reason, werewolves (even in human form) are generally immune to any germs or viruses. One of the advantages of being a 'wolf.

Should something like a fire arise, the emergency responders are any and everywolf in the area. A basic training and procedural methods are included in the Wolverton Welcome book, as well as on the PAW. And should more help or equipment be needed at the time of the crisis, it's easy enough to call out with a "Help! Emergency!" howl.

Law enforcement does not exist either. There's no need, as everywolf in town is there for the same reason - to live in peace free from persecution and what's considered unjust or criminal. However, if any 'wolf does behave in a manner which is disruptive or law/rule breaking it would be reported (or if not immediately apparent who did the "crime", an investigation ensues) and the 'wolf would therefore revoke all right to live in the town. That's not to say every first offense must result in expulsion, but it's quite a motivating factor to be a good citizen, no? Should the incident require a type of "jury", the PAW would used to gather everywolf's opinion on the matter (and yes, it can be done encrypted/anonymously). If necessary, Riqurélio has the final say.

The votes for anything are done via the PAW. If it's a major decision that needs to be made, it would come up first upon logging into the PAW and the interface would not continue until casting a vote.

Talbot will not be required to learn to drive. All interactions with the human towns are always done in pairs, so he can just be along for the ride, helping out as called for in each instance (loading the truck, for example). And yes, he can drive/ride a scooter, but these are nowhere near the complexity of driving a car, it's more like riding a powered bike (which as Floyd mentions, are not built for speed). Outside of the 'Ham Tram' there aren't any land vehicles (not counting those used to interact with human towns).
Indagare 14th Feb 2020, 8:03 AM edit delete reply
On the cleaning of restrooms and trash, it seems like a sane solution would be to have materials for cleaning on-hand that any 'wolf could use immediately rather than an assigned job. If everywolf (or most everywolf) kept such facilities clean then the restroom checking job would be to make sure in case something got missed. Since, sooner or later, everywolf would have to do this it'd be a good motivation for everywolf to keep the restrooms as clean as they found them. Similarly with trash. I assume that besides trucks there's some form of sanitation vehicle to remove trash with? Or is as much recycled as possible in the town so there's little to remove? If they had some sort of gardening area I could easily imagine organic waste being used for compost. How would cleaning the sewers work, exactly? Do they have hazmat suits? Along those lines, how does major construction work? I assume they have the appropriate vehicles and equipment for such given the buildings. Presumably they also have ways to change out old pipes. I'm guessing that there are few or no electrical lines given the treadmill power.

Does no doctors and nurses mean that no 'wolf was a doctor or nurse? Would it be impossible to get a medical licence if one were a werewolf?

Does the ACLU not fight werewolf discrimination?

Given seeing Riqurélio is like seeing the Wizard of Oz, I am guessing he is exempt from all roster duties but helps out in his own mysterious way.
PeterVonBrown 14th Feb 2020, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
That would make sense, yes, but not everyone(wolf) wants or has the time to clean up after themselves on the spot. It certainly could and probably does happen, but there's something to be said for knowing that someone else will take care of it - and that YOU will oft be the one who does. Thus, they probably already do make as little mess or clean up because of that fact, just as Floyd says on page 31: "You're more respectful". Also, having the cleaning supplies "on paw" would require them to be upkept and restocked often which would be (and is) a job in and of itself.

They do have proper vehicles for the collection of trash and such, yes. But they're not the same type as used in our towns. As LegendaryLycanthrope said, the streets are narrow. Also, anything that can be recycled is, of course. For instance, Lynda asks Gavin if she can recycle the box on page 90.

Likewise, they probably do have some construction vehicles, but not to any grand degree or amount. As it had to have been done by Riqurélio and his crew when Wolverton began, or by another example, the Amish, it's accomplished by sheer sweat and blood and hard work. Don't forget that werewolves are stronger and much more resilient than humans. So they would use the machinery only if absolutely necessary.

I'll be honest, I had not thought of sewers. I'd say that such waste is recycled as well, just as you suggested, for fertilizer in the Park Patches. Any power in town is done by 'Wolf Power, like the treadmills. When formulating the town I did envision one of the "jobs" as heading to a WolfyBike dock and treadmilling or pedaling on stationary bikes to keep them powered.

As for the pipes, they handle it because some 'wolf knows about such things and supervises the work. This would be true of any such specialized work.

Sure, some 'wolf must have been a doctor or nurse out among the humans before they "gave up" life out there to be in Wolverton. But within the town, they're moot.

The ACLU does not consider blood-thirsty monsters to be worthy of help. For as I said in the past, humans erroneously regard werewolves as dangerous menaces, and the 'wolves just got tired of trying to change their minds, hence Wolverton.

Riqurélio, as founder, had served as the original Burgermeister and back in the old days, he did as much work as the next 'wolf. But at this time, yes, he's the only 'wolf who does not participate in the duty roster. Don't forget, however, it's his pirate loot that provides the town with anything it might need from the outside world.
Indagare 15th Feb 2020, 9:30 AM edit delete reply
Well, yes, not everyone(wolf) is either going to have time or inclination to clean up on the spot, but having the supplies at hand (all restrooms might be equipped with a cleaning closet, for instance) would make it easier. It wouldn't eliminate the need for janitor duty, but would also make it easier for them since they wouldn't need to transport the equipment to site or find it in an obscure area somewhere.

Are their bathrooms American or more Japanese in style? It seems like Wolverton tends to like to go towards more advanced tech when it can, and Japanese toilets are known for all sorts of interesting features. Besides which their squatting position is supposed to be more natural.

Okay. I just wasn't sure. It's hard to imagine tall, modern buildings as those shown usually require at least cranes to help lift up things. Of course, their equipment could also be 'wolf powered and might look a bit different than the human counterpart. One of these differences could be the ease of disassembling it.

To be honest, I once got put in a group in English class and we were supposed to come up with what we'd do to rebuild after an alien invasion had just leveled all major cities. The solution my group came up with was to recreate Los Vegas. which wouldn't work for a number of reasons, not the least of which was most of them didn't seem to realize food doesn't come direct from stores. Ever since I've considered "how do they get their food" and "what happens to biowaste" in world building. Would just one 'wolf suffice for so many bikes?

*sigh* It's your world, of course, and if you've decided the ACLU is not going to do its job then that is that, but there are a number of ramifications that should have:

1) 'Wolves have a "non-person" status. This means anything can be done to them with legal impunity. Talbot, at any time, could have been shot dead in his front yard and the killer would never have gotten a trial. Instead they'd have been hailed as a hero for "eliminating the werewolf menace". I fear even if Oskar's family accepted him the poor 'wolf could be dead by now because there's literally nothing stopping that. The Panic Defense is legal in all but about 10 states and I can easily imagine a similar Werewolf Panic Defense against werewolves being legal everywhere. It's not like there'd be anyone to challenge it.

2) Wolverton should not be able to exist. The US government, at least, is infamous for breaking treaties with Natives and using their lands or forcing them off it for any reason and it could (and would) certainly do so in the case of Wolverton should it become known. Indeed, if the 'wolves try to resist in any way by claiming land ownership rights not a single attorney would come to their defense (unless they had one living in town). Even if they did there'd still be nothing illegal about forceable removal, and the more 'wolves killed the better. I doubt 'wolves would survive being shelled from above. There'd be nothing, legally, to stop it and by the logic you present here every reason it should be done.

3) Even if the extremes I mentioned above don't happen despite the near-universal hate and fear 'wolves seem to generate, 'wolves shouldn't be able to drive to human towns for goods without repercussions. Any cop could legally pull over one of their trucks and kill both the occupants. Or they could pull them over and confiscate their property (civil forfeiture is a thing even when one is not a much hated, feared and reviled 'wolf). There's literally any number of things a cop could do with a non-person because, by definition, they have no rights or protections. You can take any sort of injustice done to people based on race and amp it up to 11 here because there's literally no one that would oppose it.

Naturally, this can all be ignore in favor of the "'wolves are hated and feared everywhere but are able to have a safe haven in Wolverton without any other issues arising (except related to the plot) and folks like Oskar that get accepted are able to safely live with their families even if the neighbors are not going to be inviting them over for tea and crumpets any time soon" thing that seems to be what you're going for.
PeterVonBrown 15th Feb 2020, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
You seem to be taking all of this much more seriously than I had ever planned. It's a cute little set of stories set in a town of friendly werewolves based on a 'silly' notion I've carried with me my whole life. That's it - it's not supposed to be a legal document or depiction of how it would really be if werewolves and Wolverton did actually exist.

More than one 'wolf would be required to power the WolfyBikes and such around town.

Again about the building construction - how were the Egyptians able to construct the pyramids and 30 foot high columns without the use of machinery? It CAN be and IS done.

The ACLU isn't even aware that there's anything that needs to be done. Generally, humans do not know the town's there, and those that do are too afraid of a horde of 'wolves to do anything about it.

When the 'wolves go to human towns, they are not in werewolf form. They're not stupid. An upcoming page mentions this (in fact it's the same page that answers a question you had earlier). Humans interacting or delivering or selling to werewolves don't have any idea that they are doing so. Yes, Talbot didn't show the best judgement when trying to live normally as a 'wolf. I'd imagined that he only started doing so recently, unable to resist his love of being a 'wolf. As for Oskar, when he made the journey home, he also did so in his human form. Within his own home, he can be a 'wolf, though, as per his family finally able to accept his "true self".
Indagare 15th Feb 2020, 3:37 PM edit delete reply
*sigh* Unfortunately, for me, it's really hard to shut my brain off and enjoy the silliness. I really do love the comic and the characters, but I think that's also why the other side of things worries me. I would not want to see Talbot or the others getting hurt or being persecuted.

If someone you knew was murdered and then the murderer getting away with it due to Panic can make one become much more aware of one's own vulnerability to legal murder. It's hard not to think about that when it comes to the 'wolves, especially when you answer that legal organizations that should defend them won't. I think I just want to be sure Cereberus Syndrome isn't going to happen because I am exhausted and really need a break from bad things happening to good people.

That 'no werewolf' sign in the pizza place keeps coming to my mind. It's hard to imagine that's an isolated incident all things considered.
PeterVonBrown 15th Feb 2020, 6:13 PM edit delete reply
Oh dear, my sympathies for your loss! Rest assured that I did not mean to be curt with you. I enjoy your enthusiasm and appreciate you liking and reading the comic. I guess it boils down to how I created it. I didn't comb through the finer details prior to setting to write and draw. That's not to say I didn't plan, on the contrary, I gave it much thought and research. At the same time I'd been generating storylines, too, and went ahead planning according to each of those, solving the practicalities as they arose. So things such as sanitation concerns didn't come to mind. I didn't need a storyline about how 'wolves deal with that specifically. Suffice to say it can be figured out if ever need be, but since not at this time, I left it alone.

The werewolf problem in the comic isn't so heated as you might be thinking. They don't attack all that often. It's like our relationship with Nature. We know going camping could result in a bear or mountain lion attack, but we don't go out and destroy all bears and mountain lions.

I should also say don't get the impression that all werewolves left out there (and there aren't many) are in their wolf forms all the time. Plenty who are ashamed of what they are and have measures (like a tested saferoom) to keep themselves away from others on the full moon, with full "therious" ablaze. Yet others have achieved their rationale selves while in wolf form. Still keeping it secret, of course. Varying degrees, all the way up to those who can change at will, retain their human mind and love the dickens out of being a 'wolf, a la Wolvertonians.

Just read through the Cerebus Syndrome... Don't worry, you won't find that here. For one, there's no actual ending in sight - just town stories as long as I can make them, and there's no shortage. :) For another, a mix of light-hearted and serious had been the goal from the start. So no sudden shifts in tone either, just a ride through life - good or bad, as it comes.

The sign at the pizza shop got put up because of Talbot. I imagined him as the first werewolf in a long time to decide to be one among the humans. The others have all migrated to Wolverton, as he soon discovered. I suppose I could include a little more of his backstory into the comic. There's so much to juggle presenting so many characters and events, I didn't want to bog things down and not get the ball rolling on the many plotlines. I knew it would come out eventually as needed. But come to think, there's certainly room for it now. Talbot explaining some things just might fit into an upcoming page. Thanks!
Indagare 15th Feb 2020, 9:01 PM edit delete reply
I didn't think that, but I worry about being a pain and wanted to explain why the outside social justice stuff is always on my mind.

I'm really looking forward to more!
LegendaryLycanthrope 15th Feb 2020, 11:42 PM edit delete reply
@indagare (since this site doesn't seem to want to put this post where i want it)

those points you made in your third post above this one kind of describe the situation wolves would be in with regards to an idea i've had kicking around in my head for years about a 'verse where werewolves (and other therians too, but wolves as a primary focus because that's my favorite therian) are the primary focus instead of humans for the zillionth time, where they've been getting persecuted (fursecuted? you know, because they have...never mind), hunted and murdered almost with impunity after humans find out about their existence

until one wolf finally decides enough's enough, helps rally EVERY remaining mammalian therian on the planet while coordinating with the leaders of the reptillian and avian therian populations to strike simultaneously at the launch sites of a trio of humanity's newly-constructed FTL-capable colony ships meant to be sent off to other planets (one in the USA, one in europe and one in asia, because you know...those are the only three parts of the world that would realistically be able to build something like that) swipes the ships and gets the hell out of dodge, heading for distant planets where they can live in peace away from nasty humans, eventually developing civilizations and slowly spreading out among the stars themselves

did i forget to mention this idea of mine involves a sci-fi setting? werewolves show up far too infrequently in the sci-fi genre - mostly it's fantasy or horror...not that it will likely ever get made - i can't write for shit and i'm also notoriously lazy

i've used elements of what i've developed in roleplays, but that's about it
LegendaryLycanthrope 16th Feb 2020, 10:20 PM edit delete reply
also, in regards to the no-werewolves sign at the pizza place...if that was put up because of talbot, does that mean he's been to that place in were form before, or that they heard there was a werewolf living in town from other people and put the sign up after that?
PeterVonBrown 16th Feb 2020, 11:33 PM edit delete reply
This will be answered in upcoming page/s, thanks to the recent decision to use the "conversation time" between Talbot and another character for backstory purposes. :)
LegendaryLycanthrope 16th Feb 2020, 11:55 PM edit delete reply
guess i'll have to wait and see

and sorry for the rambling again
JammyTheBirb 9th Oct 2020, 3:33 PM edit delete reply
Wow, that was easy :D
PeterVonBrown 9th Oct 2020, 5:29 PM edit delete reply
Well, the shack made sense. If it had been more of a debatable issue, it would have been sent to vote via the PAW. But the Burgermeister has the power to make things happen that should. :)